Curtis Duffy

Chef and owner of the acclaimed Grace restaurant in Chicago answers FOUR questions.

Festive Recipe | Red Cabbage Foie Gras Bundles with White Truffle

Today's festive recipe is from master of X-treme Chinese cuisine, chef Alvin Leung. Find it here...

#FOURINT | Cocktail Column

We have his recipes on the best cocktails and now we can get to know more about Kamil Foltan, from FOUR's latest Autumn international issue...

My Life in Fragrance

Anne-Sophie Pic, the three Michelin star chef of Maison Pic, Valance and one Michelin star Le Dame de Pic, Paris, reveals how fragrances inspire her in FOUR International Luxury Edition...

FOUR’s Rough Guide to Turkey

Ever wondered why on earth we eat turkey for Christmas? FOUR’s Rough Guide to Turkey will let you into every turkey savoir-faire secret there is, in addition to Michelin star chef Bruno Loubet’s recipe of turkey paupiette with dried cranberry…

FOUR's Rough Guide to Christmas Stollen

Christmas is the time for living out traditions and one of the most persistent foodie traditions in many German-speaking parts of Europe – and beyond – is the Stollen.