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FOUR Foundation Ambassador | Jason Atherton

“I am honoured to be the Ambassador of the FOUR Foundation. I am a big believer in giving back and have been ​a​ ​long-time supporter of the work of Hospitality Action, one of the four charities supported by the Foundation. I am extremely passionate about this cause and look forward to the opportunity to make a meaningful difference to the chosen charities, Drop4Drop, War Child, the Environmental Justice Foundation and Hospitality Action.”

Jason Atherton has been building his culinary empire since opening his first restaurant, Table No.1 in 2010. He now has an array of some of the hottest restaurants around the world; from the Michelin starred Pollen Street Social and City Social to Berners Tavern and 22 Ships. He makes regular TV appearances on Great British Menu and Saturday Kitchen.

As the ambassador of the FOUR Foundation, Jason will be a driving force to the work of the Foundation, drawing on his life experiences of childhood deprivation, hard work and dedication which have made him the highly successful, entrepreneurial and Michelin-starred chef he is today.

About FOUR Foundation

‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give,’ Winston Churchill.

As the world’s leading food and lifestyle magazine, it is entirely fitting that the FOUR Foundation’s mission is to work with four charities associated with improving the living conditions of people in less economically advanced communities.

The significant global profile of FOUR magazine sets the gold-star standard for the work of the Foundation and its commitment to improving standards of living across the globe. The FOUR Foundation’s chosen charities are War Child, drop4drop, Environmental Justice Foundation and Hospitality Action. Each of these chosen charities makes a direct and significant contribution to improving communities across the globe. The FOUR Foundation wishes to help make many lives better by what it does and what it gives. We hope that you will work with us on this vital mission.

Over the coming weeks and months we will begin to set out our fundraising initiatives, which we hope you, our dedicated readers and supporters, will become apart of.


Hospitality Action

“We are delighted to be partnering with the FOUR Foundation and with their support we will be able to make a real difference to those in the industry who need it most.”


Hospitality Action is the culinary trade charity offering a crucial lifeline to people of all ages, working and retired, from the hospitality industry. Whether they’re approached by a chef, housekeeper and school cook or bar staff, Hospitality Action will endeavour to support, whatever the difficulty.

Hospitality Action’s beneficiaries come from all walks of life and from all areas of the hospitality industry across the UK. They face serious difficulties on a daily basis, from terminal illness and poverty, to bereavement and homelessness.


The FOUR Foundation supports Hospitality Action’s endeavour to keep supporting causes that are relevant to the industry. In addition to their established grants programme they also offer help via their student Alcohol and Drug Awareness seminars, Employee Assistance Programme and their popular befriending scheme for industry retirees.

War Child

“With wars raging in several countries from The Central African Republic to Syria and Iraq, more children have fled their homes than at any time since the World War II. Four magazine’s help is urgently needed to help these children survive and recover from conflict.”


War Child believes that no child should have its life destroyed by war. Children do not start wars but their families, homes, schools– the very things upon which they rely for support and safety– continue to be destroyed by conflict. Established in 1993, War Child’s programmes are focussed on protecting children, helping them to gain an education and enabling young people to create their own opportunities for the years ahead. War Child currently deliver projects in Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Uganda and work with Syrian refugees in Jordan.


The FOUR Foundation supports War Child’s campaign to help people in Uganda rebuild their lives. War Child's livelihoods project in Uganda provides locals with the skills and small loans to start their own business. Some of their beneficiaries have started their own catering and food related companies, including a cooking school.

The Environmental Justice Foundation

“We are delighted to be one of the FOUR Foundation charities for 2015, and to work with FOUR contributors and readers to raise awareness of the need to choose sustainable seafood. 100% of funds raised by the FOUR Foundation for EJF this year will go directly to our cost efficient projects which combat illegal pirate fishing in West Africa, tackle slavery at sea in Asia, protect threatened species, including sharks, turtles, rays and dolphins internationally, and promote transparency and traceability in seafood supply chains globally.”


The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) is a UK-based environmental and human rights charity with a mission to protect people and planet. The charity “aims to address environmental abuses and the human rights violations that so often go with them, understanding that in the 21st century the protection of nature and human rights must go hand-in-hand,” as Executive Director Steve Trent explains. EJF works internationally in countries including Sierra Leone, Liberia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Brazil, Vietnam and Cambodia, to protect the environment and the people and wildlife within it.


The FOUR Foundation supports EJF’s Oceans campaign. EJF runs field projects and works with communities, fishermen, scientists and governments in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire to expose and stop pirate fishing operations. Globally they work to change policies and practices that have enabled illegal 'pirate’ fishing to flourish, and in doing so, protect the livelihoods and food security of some of the poorest people on our planet along with marine environments and precious wildlife like sharks and turtles.


“Here at drop4drop we are dedicated to alleviating the world water crisis. We work heavily with business partners as we believe they have huge power and potential to make real change aiding significantly in our work. That’s why we are excited to be partnering with the Four Foundation and are committed to bringing about lasting change with their support.”


At drop4drop their mission is to provide the most effective and efficient water solutions to communities in the developing world. They work together with both businesses and individuals to help alleviate the World Water Crisis and the 748 million people living without access to safe drinking water. drop4drop also work to raise awareness of the World Water Crisis in various ways including their annual World Water Day Campaigns.


The FOUR Foundation supports drop4drop’s campaign with Andrha Pradesh, which currently houses over 99 million people in India have no access to an improved water source. In Andrha Pradesh alone, drop4drop have funded almost 200 bore wells, supplying clean drinking water to over 200,000 people. Communities there no longer have to walk up to 12km each to get water, which means women and children have the ability to empower themselves and strive for a better future. drop4drop’s work in the region is on-going as they constantly identify more and more communities in need of their help.