Andrea Guglielmi

Aiming to give his guests an authentic Italian experience, Head Chef of Era Ora in Copenhagen has kept the restaurant’s illustrious cuisine at the forefront of fine dining cuisine in Scandinavia.

A Recipe by Francesco Mazzei

This recipe from London-based Italian fine-dining restaurant L’Anima is a true taste of Italia: sardinian fregola with seafood...

Bourbon and Rye Cocktails

Celebrating two years of having a distilling license in Washington State, Heritage Distilling Company gave FOUR some cocktail recipes from their recently launched Elk Rider Bourbon and Elk Rider Rye, the distillery’s first aged bourbon and rye products.

Regina Connell's Luxury Layover

Regina Connell, founder of All Things Artisanal — an online platform dedicated to bringing the high net-worth individual luxury objects outside of the conventional offerings — and an authority on “alternative luxury,” shares her perfect weekend with FOUR…

FOURty seconds with Emilia Terrangi

FOUR catches up with Emilia Terrangi from Phaidon publishing house, the mind behind the world’s greatest cookbooks by famed chefs such as Ferran Adrià, Rene Redzepi, Alex Atala and Magnus Nilsson…

A Day In The Life Of...

Ian “Herbie” Hemphill is the founder and co-owner with wife Liz of Herbie’s Spices in Sydney, Australia. He tells us about his Spicery and how he spends his day.