Daniel Schimkowitsch

German chef Daniel Schimkowitsch started his training at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Garmisch-Partenkirchen at the age of 16.

Back to Basics | Soups With Style

As soon as humans could build fires and make watertight pots they made soup. Blissful, warm, and nourishing, soup has the ability to revitalise and to soothe. The very word has connotations of comfort and well-being; it takes us back to basics, to the essence of simple food for both body and soul.

King Of Mixology | Timo Janse

We asked Timo Janse-de Vries of the ultra cool Door 74 speakeasy in Amsterdam to tell us what he would do as King of Mixology.

Merging Food & Art | If Apple Made Milk & Versace Made Eggs

Wheat is Wheat is Wheat by artist Peddy Mergui is an artistic commentary on our consumer habits that may have us questioning our next purchase which is set to be shown as Expo Milano 2015.

Maximum Minimalism with Gert De Mangeleer

The best way to avoid the endless stream of tourists in Bruges is to escape to a good restaurant. The city boasts many, but Hertog Jan, run by Gert De Mangeleer, stands out in particular. Despite its elevated status – or precisely because of it – Gert De Mangeleer is always pleased when one of his guests turns up in jeans.

From Paris to Bangkok

Chef Bertrand Grébaut explores a trove of Thai curiosities. For the past five years curator Thomas Erber has traversed the globe with his month-long cultural residency series Cabinet of Curiosities, a philanthropic collision of fashion, art, photography and gastronomy.