Des Harris

Des Harris

Saffron Risotto with shrimps and green asparagus

A delicious recipe to get you into the Spring mood from the Miasa Saffron experts in Berlin

From The Martinez to The Vesper; the evolution of the Martini cocktail

A celebration of the changing tastes of the times with recipes for the classic Martini cocktail.

Luxury cars and elite emerging artists together in one iconic showroom

With the launch of the Dynamic Arts Programme by bespoke British car company, Morgan Motor Company, we see the finest up and coming talent, displayed alongside the uniquely designed Morgan Cars.

CasaLuker 1906 | Single Origin Chocolate from Colombia

Finest flavour Colombian cacao proving to be every chocolatiers delight with its range of luxury, single origin chocolate.

Defining a country's cuisine

How can you define the cooking style of a diverse country? And also: Do you need a definition in the first place? These questions were asked at the Koch.Campus in Austria this week. By Eva-Luise Schwarz