Often described as one of the world’s best chefs, even the swiftest glance at Juan Amador’s dishes – created with an astonishing attention to detail – would confirm this ascertion true.

Purism and modern spirit define his restaurant “Amador” in Mannheim, Germany where the dishes he creates for his guests are fresh interpretations of his classical roots andshow the cooking tradition of Spain, the native country of his parents.

Focusing on the startingproduct in order to perfect it, it is no wonder the Michelin Guide for Germany decided to honour Juan and his restaurant with the highest number of stars in 2011, an outstanding culinary achievement for any chef, which he has maintained ever-since.

“Writing a new song, performing it and then to have the feedback, either positive or negative, is very similar to what we do in the kitchen.”

Together with Juan’s exceptional culinary creations, the extraordinary modernist architecture inside Juan’s restaurant adds to the Amador dining experience, making it a truly unforgettable one.

  • 3 Michelin stars, since 2011



Vierhausergasse 1

63225 Langen



+49 (621) 85 47 496