Fat of the Land | Humble Roots

Sybil Kapoor explores the Kochi Prefecture in Japan in search of the yuzu – a citrus fruit and Asian cooking staple that’s growing in international stature.

As I wandered through the crowded Farmers’ Market on Sunday morning in Kochi in Shikoku, admiring the persimmons and queuing up for the fluffiest sweet potato fritters, I noticed a pervasive aroma drifting on the mild November air. It was an energising fragrance that hinted at bergamot and grapefruit. “Oh, yuzu!” exclaimed my Japanese companion, sniffing the air in delight. “Can you smell it? It reminds me of my childhood. We...

January 29, 2017

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West Coast storm watching

The winter storm season in Tofino is kicking off, and Wickaninnish Inn is where you need to go to experience its mighty power…

In 1995, Interior Designer, Sharon Bortolotto, Principal of BBA Design Consultants Inc. was contacted by Charles McDiarmid to design a new kind of Inn, one built specifically for winter storm watching. McDiarmid had a revolutionary idea. Not only did he want guests to come and enjoy the West Coast of Vancouver Island during the stormy winter months, he also wanted that natural world reflected within the interior of his new Wickaninnish...

January 26, 2017

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