TwentyFOUR Hours in Washington DC

With almost 200 exciting attractions to explore, frequent lively happenings around town and a value-friendly package on offer, Washington DC is the ultimate city break destination for 2017.

Washington DC’s story Washington DC, the US capital, is home to a number of famous landmarks including the White House, Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. Due to the recent US Presidential Inauguration and cinematic release of the new Jackie film, Washington DC has become one of the most talked about cities of the year so far. Beyond the politics however, there is a plethora of dining experiences, events and...

September 08, 2017

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Beauty & the beasts

Helen Ochyra discovers serenity and nature in a private reserve to the north of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, written exclusively for FOUR Asia Magazine.

Botswana safari I thought I was seeing things at first. It was early after all and I had only just risen from my bed in the tent.I say tent. This was more a canopied suite – or “tented villa” according to the brochure – and it certainly didn’t feel like sleeping under canvas.That was until I drew back the voluminous curtains to see an elephant standing there. It was so close it was practically swimming in my plunge pool...

March 05, 2017

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National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World

NG launches a new global hotel collection that emphasises sustainability and world-class experiences.

National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, are a collection of boutique hotels in extraordinary places with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability, authenticity and excellence. Selected through a rigorous evaluation process, these lodges offer an outstanding guest experience while supporting the protection of cultural and natural heritage and embracing sustainable tourism practices. The initial collectionnumbers 24 properties...

March 02, 2017

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The ultimate charter

The new generation of yacht owners don’t just want to sit in Monaco or St Tropez, instead yachts are being chartered to increasingly far flung destinations such as Cuba, Taiwan, New Zealand and Antarctica and their owners are using them for scientific exploration.

Crossing the Antarctic Circle is a once in a lifetime experience that simply must be celebrated with a plunge into the sub-zero temperatures of the icy water. Tread in the footsteps of David Attenborough with a visit to the Gentoo Penguins which inhabit an abandoned Argentine research base and keep an eye out for whales, seals, and the other incredible inhabitants of this frozen landscape. The final stop is the volcanic island of...

February 26, 2017

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