FOUR meets Gourmet Wine Travel

FOUR meets Armin H. Müller, Sommelier and founder/CEO of Gourmet Wine Travel, a leading company in the Wine Tourism Industry. This Boutique Travel Company is Europe’s premier Expert for Gourmet Wine Excursions. Lets see what the Wine and Travel Expert can offer you…

How did you find your way into the world of viticulture and wine tourism? That is an important question! My love for wine started when I was very young and it grew more and more over the years, so I decided to enroll for a Sommelier Course in the Zurich area where we live. Over the period of 3 years, I really learnt a lot about wine and the wine world. When I finished, I  understood how little I actually knew about wine before...

August 10, 2018

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Fresh Picks | Green Getaways

FOUR has teamed up with Green Pearls® to handpick a selection of unique luxury destinations that also promote sustainable practices, so you can help preserve the world for future generations.

Wellness in the mountains at Arosea Life Balance Hotel, South Tyrol The Eco wellness and nature hotel Arosea Life Balance in the South Tyrolean Ultental perfectly combines traditional values with modern trends and ideas. The Arosea’s holistic approach bases on mindfulness and health. Therefor only natural materials like pine wood, slate rock and sheep’s wool have been used for the construction and decoration. The kitchen uses...

July 31, 2018

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Exploring the north shores of UAE

Maxime Jacovella takes a visit to Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort, an idyllic luxury resort in the United Arab Emirates.

With the week winding to a welcome end, an inebriating sense of relaxation and leisure, combined with fun filled vibes, are slowly but surely sweeping through our offices. Colleagues, who are looking to satisfy their yearn for some sun-soaked and alcohol-infused fun are eagerly discussing which luxury hotel pool or beach club, will be host to their almost mandatory and quintessential Dubai style-brunch. I’m in a different frame of...

May 14, 2018

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Alpine Indulgence

Switzerland is home to some of the finest hotels and luxury spas in the world, but there’s one in particular that made an impression on Rowena Marella-Daw for its location and history.

The Swiss like to keep the best things to themselves, particularly their wines and exquisite artisan chocolates. Who can blame them? But while they produce their more exclusive treats in small quantities, the country is never short of majestic landscapes, and even lesser-known villages cradled by jaw-dropping peaks are not so easy to keep a secret. One such gem is Flims, a small village in the canton of Graubunden. It shares a ski...

May 12, 2018

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