Mikael Svensson’s Jerusalem Artichokes and Coffee

A luscious dish featuring the humble Jerusalem artichoke paired with the robust flavor of coffee by Mikael Svensson of Kontrast in Norway.

Ingredients For the Artichoke Skin 10 medium sized artichokes Oil for deep frying 3 tablespoons sour cream Salt For the Artichoke Cream Meat from the cooked artichokes above 10 peeled artichokes cut in pieces Oil for frying 100g butter 1 L cream 60g coffee beans, crushed Salt For the Plum Vinegar Pearls 150g aged plum vinegar or balsamico vinegar 150g brewed coffee 4g Agar 1L...

February 09, 2019

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Peter Brunel’s Potato Gnocchi & Blue of Bagnoli Cheese

Featuring a Blue of bagnoli fondu, blackberries, an acidic sauce, tapioca and truffle, this recipe by Peter Brunel of Michelin-starred Borgo San Jacopo is a real treat.

Ingredients For the Gnocchi 1 kg white fleshed potatoes 200 g flour 00 80 g Parmesan 24 months 10 g extra virgin olive oil 4 egg yolks 10 g of salt For the Acidic Blackberry Sauce 260g shallot 2L white wine 2L of fresh cream 10 fresh blackberries For The Tapioca 100g tapioca 500g water To Finish 5 pieces dehydrated black truffle 4 pieces dehydrated...

February 06, 2019

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Olivier Oddos’ Steamed Kinmedai Fish and Squid Ink Risotto with an Arugula and Ginger Sauce

Chef Olivier Oddos of Michelin-starred Chez Olivier in Japan uses Japanese ingredients with his French culinary techniques in this simple and delicious recipe.

Ingredients (Serves 30) For the Fish: 40g of Kinmedai (Golden Eyes Snapper) per person Salt For the Squid Ink Risotto: 300g of rice « Carnaroli » 6g of garlic 60g of onion 1.5 L white wine (dry) 1500g of chicken stock 80g of parmesan cheese 70g of butter 2 tablespoons of whipped cream Salt Pepper Olive oil 1 tablespoon of squid ink For the Sauce: 240g of arugula...

February 02, 2019

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Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani’s “Tirami-Sud”

This is Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani of 2 Michelin-starred Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia’s take on the classic Italian dessert, tiramisu.

Ingredients (Serves 10) For the Biscuit 5 whole eggs 60g sugar 60g flour 9g starch For the Cocoa Wafer  50g sugar 25g fondant 100g isomalt 10g cocoa 5g room temperature butter For the Yoghurt Cream 100g cream 32g sugar 35g egg yolk 200g whole milk yogurt 200g Mascarpone For the Ricotta Cream 16g corn starch 117g milk 43g sugar 160g buffalo Ricotta For the...

January 30, 2019

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