Suzette Gresham’s ridged pasta with ‘foie gras’, black truffle, and marsala

A super simple yet remarkably delicious dish from the menu of 2 Michelin-starred Acquerello in San Francisco. There is no doubt that you’ll be making this dish over and over again – and licking your plate every time!

Chef’s Notes: This decadent pasta is probably the most well-known and beloved dish created by Acquerello. It is considered as our “signature” dish and has been on the menu for more than 20 years. Chef Suzette always jokes that if she had to cook for God and Thomas Keller, that this is the dish that she would make! Ingredients High quality dried rigatoni Butter Foie gras Cream Marsala Truffle Truffle oil...

May 10, 2019

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Mikael Svensson’s Seabuckthorn Curd with an Orange Tagetes Ice Cream

Beautiful and bursting with flavor, this dish by Mikael Svensson of Kontrast in Norway, will be as pleasing to the palate as it is to the eyes.

For the Seabuckthorn Curd  Ingredients 275ml seabuckthorn juice 200g icing sugar 125g butter, salted 8 egg yolks 4 whole eggs  Method Put all ingredients into a thermomix and on medium speed bring it to 83 degrees. Remove from the thermomix and pass thru a chinois. Store in a refrigerator. For the Tagetes Oil Ingredients 100g green stems of orange tagetes flowers 200g Neutral...

May 08, 2019

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Theodor Falser’s Vegan “Scallops”

Executive Chef of Michelin-starred Johannesstube in South Tyrol, Theodor Falser, gives the recipe to his playful dish titled “Scallops??”. A take on a vegan “scallop”, this dish features turnip, popped buckwheat and an elderberry caper dressing.

Ingredients 200g turnip oat milk thyme black cumin seed oil 40g raw buckwheat canola oil 20g elderberry capers 8g poppyseed oil 4g plum vinegar wild herbs and edible flowers Method Peel and cut the turnip into discs 1cm thick. Cook the turnip discs for 25 min at 85°C oat milk with some salt and thyme. Once cooked, place in the oven and roast with black cumin seed oil until it becomes golden...

May 04, 2019

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Julien Lefebvre’s Fillet of Sea Bass à la Bordelaise with Poivrade Artichoke

This dish by Julien Lefebvre of Michelin-starred Château Cordeillan-Bages heroes delicate sea bass by pairing it with a delicious sauce and subtle artichokes.

Serves 4 Ingredients 1 whole sea bass 15g fish bones 10g butter 1L red wine 5g aromatic ingredients (carrots, shallots, garlic, celery) 4 Prince de Bretagne artichokes 50g butter Salt and pepper to taste Method For the Bordelaise Sauce Prepare the aromatic ingredients (carrots, shallots, garlic, celery). Drain the fish bones and cut them into small pieces. Gently brown the fish bones in a...

May 01, 2019

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