Autumn recipes

Dive into autumn with one of these warming recipes

Tarte tatin de légumes (Roast vegetable tart) This is a wonderful stand-alone starter or main course and also makes a good accompaniment to a plain roast. Apple tarte tatin is a classic dessert but this sweet savoury take on the original is just as enjoyable. It can be made in a suitably sized ovenproof frying pan or in individual pans if you prefer. Vary the vegetables according to your taste and what’s in season. Serves...

October 24, 2013

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A recipe by Michel Roux Jr

Try this boeuf bourguignon recipe from Michel Roux Jr’s latest cookbook, The French Kitchen

Boeuf Bourguignon "Some recipes suggest marinating the beef for 24 hours or more, but I find this makes for a gamey flavour that’s not entirely true to the original. Like all braised dishes, this is best eaten a day or two after it’s made – simmer gently to reheat and add the garnish just before serving so that it’s bright and fresh. Boiled potatoes are the classic accompaniment but mash is more to my taste." - Michel Roux...

October 24, 2013

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A Recipe by Giorgio Locatelli

Giorgio Locatelli shares a recipe taken from his book Made in Italy which is inspired by the traditional Italian fare served at his Michelin-starred restaurant Locanda Locatelli in London.

Giorgio Locatelli was born in 1962 and brought up on the banks of Lake Maggiore, Italy, in a village called Corgeno. His love of Italian cuisine transpires from his childhood, which he spent steeped in the kitchen at his family’s Michelin-starred restaurant. After a short spell working in a number of local restaurants in North Italy, following his dream to become a chef, Giorgio travelled to England in 1986 to join the kitchens of...

October 21, 2013

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Four recipes from Philippa Sibley’s New Classics

Philippa Sibley, one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs, shares four recipes from her latest book New Classics, due to be released later this year in November 2013…

Four recipes from Philippa Sibley's New Classics Philippa Sibley is a Melbourne-based chef who believes that every epicurean – from the world class chef to the adventurous home cook – should celebrate the perfect marriage of food. In her latest book ‘New Classics’ Philippa does just that, with her own reinterpretation of perennial French and Italian cuisine. In its beautifully presented pages – which come complete with...

October 17, 2013

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