Tom Parker-Bowles

Tom Parker Bowles is a food writer and broadcaster. He has most recently been seen on ITV’s Food Glorious Food, as a judge alongside Lloyd Grossman, Anne Harrison and Stacie Stewart. Tom’s first book, E is for Eating – An Alphabet in Greed, was published in 2004. Since then he has had three further books published and in 2010 was the recipient of the Guild of Food Writers Award for Best Work on British Food.

Bite-sized Questions What has been your mostmemorable dining experience? Too many to mention. I'm spoilt. Some days, a perfect taco al pastor from A Mexico City hole in the wall. Other, some vast and endless tasting menu. At the moment, I'd find it pretty hard to beat Central in Lima. Is there anything you wouldnevertry? Goat's cheese. Anything else is fine. What’s your favourite comfort...

March 24, 2014

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Melinda Joe

An American journalist based in Tokyo and specialising in gastronomy, Melinda is also a certified saké and wine professional. She explores Japanese drinks in her column for The Japan Times and writes about restaurants and food trends in Asia for The Wall Street Journal Asia and CNN. Melinda travels extensively in the name of food and drink and her experience as a journalist has seen her travel through culinary capitals around the world.

Bite-sized Questions What has been your mostmemorable dining experience? After several expensive yet disappointing meals in Beijing, stumbling upon a young man grilling lamb skewers over hot coals set into a hole in the wall -- literally. The skewers were delicious and reminded me of how amazing simple food can be. In the name of food research, is there anything you wouldnevertry? No, except maybe monkey brains. What’s your...

March 16, 2014

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Aimee Pavitt

In 2003 Aimee swapped Manchester for Paris as she embarked upon her ‘year abroad’; an integral part of her French Studies degree. She never came back. After completing her degree at the University of London Institute in Paris, Aimee moved to the continent in 2003. She worked in public affairs for a large ‘solutions provider’ in the pharmaceutical field before realising that this left a bad taste in her mouth. In search of her appetite, she took to translating as a way of honing her writing skills. Once she had become sufficiently annoyed with bettering other peoples’ work, she decided she should take up the plume herself. Unsure what to write about, she thought it best to start with what she knows: eating, living in France and latterly being a mother. She is also a voice-over artist and an ambassador for the city of Lyon, where she now lives with her partner Olivier and their son Reuben-Miles. To her great dismay, she is somewhat of a hit-and-miss chef and a complete disaster in the baking department.

Bite-sized Questions What has been your most memorable dining experience? Dining at the French Senate and feeling incredibly underdressed and self-conscious. But I've never had wine like it since! Is there anything you wouldnevertry? Offal (do eyeballs count as offal? I wouldn't eat them either!), insectsor any kind of preserved egg. What’s your favourite comfort food? Bacon cheeseburger with home cut and fried chips with...

March 04, 2014

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Luciana Bianchi

An Italian–Brazilian chef and food writer with a background in molecular science, Luciana is a trained chef and has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants. She has cooked for celebrities, interviewed many of the best international chefs, and has published work in 12 countries. Luciana contributes to S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ blog and is an International Correspondent of Apicius – the journal of gastronomy, published in Barcelona. A world frequent traveller and food researcher, she is based in the UK, but divides her time between Brazil and Italy.

Bite-sized Questions What has been your most memorable dining experience? My first visit to Asador Etxebarri in the Basque Country.VictorArguinzoniz'sachievement ofmastering the art of fire in combination with perfect produce proved to me that the real luxury lies in simplicity. In the name of food research, is there anything you wouldnevertry? A live animal. My food must be dead. I have too much respect for life! What’s your...

March 02, 2014

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