Walking in his father’s footsteps, Michel Bras, Sébastien Bras is chef-owner of Bras restaurant in picturesque Laguiole, France.

After studying to become a Hotellerie, Sébastien then went on to carry out internships with chefs Bernachon, Guérard and Gagnaire before returning to the family restaurant, Bras.

Never discouraged from taking pleasure form food during his childhood at home,Sébastien learned his trade from his grandmother and father, who bestowed him with the knowledge they earned from their culinary experiments.

Sébastien has grown and worked alongside his father since 1995, learning every aspect of the business.

With Sébastien now in the kitchen and at the helm, and his wife Veronique at the reception desk and in the dining room, restaurant Bras continues to uphold its charm and family-run roots.


FOUR Questions with Sebastian

Describe your culinary philosophy in 5 words...

Eat in harmony with nature…


How did you feel when you were awarded your first Michelin star? 

3 stars at le Suquet in Laguiole and 3 stars at Toya in Hokkaido represent for me the pride of excellence every day.


What is your greatest inspiration?

Without any hesitation: the plateau of Aubrac!


What three things would you take to a desert island?

My family first, a Laguiole knife inherited from my childhood and my camera.


  • No.69, The World's 50 Best Restaurants, 2013


Restaurant Bras

Route de l'aubrac

12210 laguiole 


+33 05 6551 1820