Now in its 17th year, The World Gourmet Summit takes place in venues all over Singapore with an ever more stellar line-up of chefs and unique events.  This year’s World Gourmet Summit, which is presented by CitiBank Singapore Limited and supported by Singapore Tourist Board, has an ‘Artisans & The Art Of Dining’ theme and promises appearances from world-renowned chefs such as: Joachim Koerper (Portugal), Yannick Alleno (France, 3 Michelin Stars), David Munoz, Chef Bruno Menard at La Cantine by Bruno Menard, Corrado Assenza (Italy) and Rodrigo de la Calle (Spain, 1 Michelin Star). Along with many more International chefs, there is a long list of well-respected local chefs who are based in Singapore and will be showcasing some of its most favourable cuisine. FYI, the restaurants of chefs and culinary experts attending have earned a total of 14 Michelin stars, giving you an idea of just how gourmet The World Gourmet Summit plans to be…

Opening the eleven-day-long gastronomic experience is the World Gourmet Series Awards Of Excellence on 16 March where 29 individuals will be decorated with awards including the eminent Citibank Restaurant, Manager Of The Year, San Pellegrino New Restaurant Of The Year and Meat & Livestock Australia Rising Chef Of The Year. 16 April will also be the date of The World Gourmet Summit Reception which will showcase a spread of cuisine prepared by leading hotels and restaurants in Singapore. Key favourites, such asThe World Gourmet Summit Sunday Brunch, which has garnered a popular following over the years, has also been included in this year’s calendar.

An annual epicurean festival that showcases the intricate craftsmanship of prestigious chefs, The World Gourmet Summit is a real feast for anyone who appreciates fine wines and gourmet cuisine, which we at FOUR look forward to keeping you updated on about its upcoming events.

For more information visit The World Gourmet Summit website