Following their success at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards at London’s Guildhall last week, where El Celler de Can Roca took the No.1 spot, the Roca Brothers are continuing their celebrations with the launch of their edible opera,El Somni, which features 12 courses over a span of 12 acts, each one paired with its own wine and music.

The first showing of El Somni took place on Monday 6 May in Barcelona, attracting chef Ferran Adrià and American cookbook author and researcher Harold McGee.

Also in the audience was Indian actress Freida Pinto, Indian filmmaker and director Nandita Das, painter Miquel Barceló, poet and essayist Rafael Argullos, orchestra director Josep Pons, and researcher and engineer Abderrahmane Khedar.

Research biologist Ben Lehner, HIV researcher Bonaventura Clotet, theoretical physicist Lisa Randall, and anthropologist Joel Candau were also on the guest list.

With the first being held at the Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona, El Somni will also be hosted at 12 different locations around the world and is set to become a book, an exhibit and a film by Mediapro.

With this innovative gastronomic exploration following their 50 Best victory, who knows what the three Roca’s will bring the culinary world next…