12 scallops, very fresh

200g of blueberries

150g of white balsamic vinegar

150g of water

20g of sugar

1 bunch of lavender, plus a few extra buds for garnishing

glacier lettuce

Espelette pepper

flaky sea salt

extra virgin olive oil


To pickle the blueberries, combine the vinegar, water, sugar and lavender in a small saucepan. Bring to a simmer for 5 minutes to infuse, strain and pour over the blueberries. Allow to cool and place in the fridge to pickle for a minimum of 24 hours



Slice the scallops into 3mm thick discs and arrange on 4 plates in a rose-type pattern, pouring over a little of the pickling liquor to season

Cut the blueberries in half and garnish each a plate, allowing 5–6 blueberries per serving

Season the scallops with the sea salt, glacier lettuce, a very small sprinkling of lavender buds, Espelette pepper and a dash of olive oil before serving.

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