Visit a place inspired by the world’s leading restaurants, which breaks down all barriers, deletes menus, and enables you to create your own gastronomic experience directly with the chef and sommeliers. Chef’s Table enables gastronomy lovers an exciting insight into what happens behind the closed kitchen doors of the Wine Vault restaurant. The engaging experience once reserved for VIP guests and chef's close friends only is now available to all gourmets. Simply book the Chef's Table and enjoy an up-close view of a top-notch restaurant. Wine Vault Chef’s Table offers seating for up to 6 guests in the heart of the kitchen. Guests discuss the tasting menu directly with the chef, and they are assisted in their selection of domestic and foreign wines by highly experienced sommeliers. The unique experience also includes a tour of the restaurant's wine cellar.

We sat down with Chef Gaskin to ask him a few questions about the Chef's Table concept. 

What was the inspiration behind the Chef's Table concept at the Wine Vault?

I found the Chefs Table concept here when I arrived so the original inspiration I am not sure but now it has evolved to showcase different cooking techniques and numerous lesser known ingredients from the region  with a few surprises along the way with the presentation of our plates

Explain how the Chef's Table is a unique experience for guests.

The Chefs Table is booked exclusively for the party who booked, one to six persons so no sharing with strangers, a real private experience Complete interaction with the kitchen and even involvement, when I sometimes ask one of our guests to plate a course with us!

Describe the cuisine at the Wine Vault and how you curate each seating. 

The cuisine is modern European with heavy undertones from the influence of the region and the history , here used to form part of Italy and that shows in our cuisine , we have around 40 dishes that we pull on for the chefs table so it really depends on talking to the guest on arrival to what we actually cook that night! Serving between 15 to 20 courses is the norm We only ask for 24 hours notice of booking and the guests to arrive at 7.00pm prompt

How do you integrate the extensive wine list into each course? 

Our wine flight is decided at the moment with the expertise of our sommeliers, normally highlighting local wines where possible, we also have one course this year that we serve our Wine Safe Iced Chocolate wine and frozen grapes. 

Please elaborate on the choice to eliminate a menu from the experience. 

The choice for the Chefs Table experience is to highlight our wonderful produce available to us here in Istria whilst sharing stories and the evolvement of our dishes development. The guest's comments on the walls are where they can comment on their experience but I always joke that if they write a bad comment I have a big pot of paint in the kitchen and that I can cover the comment after they have gone. The comments have ranged from once in a lifetime experience to even asking for a divorce as the lady had fallen in love with me !!! The writings have added to the ambient of the Table with Graffiti splattered across all four walls and some great comments …one lady from USA couldn't believe what we were doing and she said "Shut the front door!" every time we served and explained a dish so that's what she wrote!

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