700g semolina flour                  

300g flour                                

180ml water                              

2 eggs                          

Oil and salt                      

100g basil chlorophyll


Basil chlorophyll

1800ml water                            

400g basil                       

200g parsley                            

2 pcs (thin) swordfish fillet        


Black olive oil

250g black olives

75g dried olives

75ml olive oil  

1 teaspoon squid ink                



For the spaghetti

Blend all the ingredients. Make sure the water is very cold, strain and wring out as much as possible. Boil the liquid to 55°C and place the chlorophyll clot in a bowl with ice. For the white sauce with a swordfish, start by marinating the thin slices of swordfish fillet with oil, white wine, garlic cloves and a sprig of thyme. Add the swordfish and emulsify with butter. For the squid sauce, rub the squid with olive oil and white wine. Coat with oil and butter, diced tomato and parsley leaves.

Black olive oil

Dry the black olives at 80°C overnight. Mix the dried olives and olive oil and squid ink.


To serve

Wrap the spaghetti with thin slices of swordfish. Add some squid sauce and garnish with little black olive oil.


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