The recently launched, Aman Wellness, is a new concept that is aimed to focus on individual wellness immersions as well as renewal, healing and nourishment. With the rise of exclusive wellness retreats and stylish spas, Aman aims are creating a sanctuary for guests to unwind in a natural and peaceful setting. By reinforcing the importance of the mind- body connection, Aman Wellness embraces a holistic lifestyle, in order to  promote healing from the inside, out. Aman Wellness destinations were designed by the master architect and design visionary, Jean-Michel Gathy, who drew inspiration from historical features and contemporary reinterpretations while preserving cultural and heritage elements. 

Take part in any of the numerous Individual Wellness Immersions available at Aman properties such as fitness and weight loss programs, meditation and spiritual cleansing, or even a group retreat experience. All programs are designed to nourish and ground guests through experiences such as yoga, meditation, detoxification and spa treatments.

Amanpuri's Immersions are based on four different principles. The Fitness Immersion, is designed by sports therapists and nutrition experts for those who want to improve their fitness levels, and incorporating a wide variety of movement workouts from Muay Thai boxing to beach boot camp classes, circuit training, Pilates and yoga. The Weight Loss Immersion aims to stabilize a healthy weight it includes practices that eliminate stress and inflammation in the body. The Cleanse Immersion focuses on the reduction of stress and self-healing through a pronounced return to internal homeostasis. Finally, the meditative Awareness Immersion is designed for those wishing to tap into their inner realm, heightening awareness and daily mindfulness by focusing on yoga, meditation and silent reflection. 

Chairman of Aman, Vladislav Doronin, was on the forefront of the Aman Wellness journey and says, “Wellness is not only related to the physical, but also to the strength of the connection between body and mind. Aman Wellness is designed to achieve a deep level of transformation from the outside in and is inspired and enhanced by the natural and peaceful settings of our resorts. Aman Wellness is about change and seeks to empower guests with the guidance and confidence needed to adopt an all-encompassing holistic lifestyle.”

All Aman Wellness experiences have been designed to encourage a process of mind and body revival. Guests leave with a refreshed mind, a cleansed body and knowledge on maintaining a holistic lifestyle.