Chocolate Week recipe


Hurrah! Chocolate Week 2013 is just around the corner, promising a host of chocolate-inspired afternoon teas at London's most enviable dining locations. To celebrate, we've managed to get our hands on one of the recipes set to feature at the Langham's luxury Afternoon Tea (£40 per person) which includes a menu of finger sandwiches with inventive chocolate-inspired fillings, including white chocolate and cauliflower mousse with Scottish smoked salmon and Confit magret duck pithivier with cocoa nibs and the delicious sounding dessert in question: Jivara and Ivoire Blackforest dome with red velvet cake (pictured above, far right). 

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Basic Custard                                                       

125g       cream                                                         

125g       milk                                                             

50g          yolk                                                             

25g          sugar    



Bring cream and milk to boil and pour the mixture over the egg and sugar.

Cook mixture to 82°C. Strain the mixture through a sieve.


Ivoire chocolate mousse                             

150g       basic custard                                        

4g             gelatine                                                                                                           

225g       whipping cream                                                                                                                            

250g       white chocolate



Make an emulsion with the melted chocolate and custard. The temperature should be 40°C. Fold in the cream. Then, pipe half into a dome shape mould.


Jivara Chocolate Mousse                             

150g       basic custard                                        

2g             gelatine                                                                                                                             

225g       whipping cream                                                    

275g       jivara     milk chcoclate                    


Make an emulsion with the melted chocolate and custard. The temperature should be 40°C. Fold in the cream. Top up the rest of mould with the Jivara chocolate mousse. Put mousse in the freeze. Unmould 6 hours later.


Chocolate financier                                                      

187g       ground almond                                                      

150g       icing sugar                                                                                                                      

270g       egg white                                                 

75g          whipping cream                                                    

10g          cornflour                                                 

50g          caraque chocolate


Combined all ingredient together expect chocolate in a kitchen mixer.                     

Melt the chocolate down and stir vigorously into the mixture. Pipe financier into the dome shape mould and insert a griottine cherry  in the centre.


Chocolate Glace                                                  

225g       whipping cream                                                    

600g       absolu cristal                                        

300g       caraibe 66%                                          



Make an emulsified ganache with the hot cream and melted chocolate. Heat Absolu Cristal to 80°C  and mix into the ganache. Strain through. Pour the glace onto the dome and sit the mousse on the financier.