1 x extra large quail

200g of purple seedless grapes

1 head of celery (peeled)

1 x loaf of white sour dough

200g of shallot purée

100g of raisins (brought to the boil in white wine)

50g walnuts (finely chopped)

50g of celery cress

100g pickled onions ( finely sliced)

200g Chicken parfait

200g Raisin purée

Confit quail legs

300g chippers choice potatoes

6 quail eggs


Quail eggs

Rapidly boil the quail eggs for 2 minutes, 5 seconds and place into ice cold water.

Peel the shell from the eggs ensuring you do not damaged the eggs.


Put peeled chippers choice potatoes through the Japanese mandolin.

Drain the starch off the potatoes and begin to wrap the egg in the potato string until totally covered ready for deep frying.


Legs already confied.

Start by removing the wings, wishbone and guts of the quail.

Poach quail at 80 degrees c in chicken stock for 3 minutes.

Remove and season with salt.

In a hot pan add a little veg oil and start to caramelize the quail until golden brown all over, ensure this is done quickly and rest the quail.

While the quail is resting cut the sour dough crouton to 2.5cm wide by 8cm long by 1.5cm deep
Colour the crouton in a pan with butter until golden brown on all edges.

Remove and allow to cool.

Cut a small dice (2mm) of sour dough and colour quickly in butter 
Remove and drain.

Finely slice the grapes, peel celery and finely slice.

Reserve celery leaves and finely slice too.

In a hot pan sauté the celery, grapes and celery leaves for 30 seconds.

Season with salt then place to one side to build on the top on the quail breast.

Begin to assemble crouton by piping 3 dots of parfait and 2 dots of raisin purée on the base of the crouton, carefully arrange shreds of confit leg meat, slice of raw grapes, slice of pickled onion, celery cress and chopped walnuts on the top.

Calve the quail breast and arrange the sauté celery and grapes on top of the breast, reassemble similar to that of scales on a fish.

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