What inspired People Behind Food?

A new era has been born within the hospitality industry; technology and guests' expectations are changing, and so are chefs' work processes. We wanted to capture the people and the processes behind the innovative cuisine we eat. 


What is the aim of People Behind Food?

Our project reveals the intentions, thoughts and skills of the chefs and shows the people behind food, products and preparation. We document their work and produce beautiful images and reports to give a valuable insight into what is happening in workshops and kitchens. We investigate why sustainability is more and more important and how it is taking place in different cuisines; where meat is obtained from and how it is produced. We were facing all these ideas over the Chef of the year event in Hamburg (Koch des Jahres), and are exploring and exposing what goes on behind closed doors.


So how are you planning to do this? 

We will take readers on various journeys through countries, restaurants, cultures and products with spectacular images. You will eat with your eyes first. 


What kinds of journeys can we expect?

For example, based on the novel from "Jean-Luc Bannalec - Bretonisches Gold", discover how fleur the sel is produced in the salines of the Bretagne/France and how it is used in the regional dishes and products. Or find out how dishes are produced and how newcomers design their food depending on the new designs of the dishes. How other cultures prepare their dishes and how Michelin-starred restaurants translate typical dishes into high-end menus. How the future influences our eating habits and sustainable development. 


Find out more at the-photokitchen.com.