Ginger ice cream

100g sugar

350g milk

225g cream

60g milk powder

125g atomized glucose 

10g stab

70g ginger juice

950g mascarpone


Hazelnut and Baileys sponge

80g hazelnut paste

80g sugar

25g flour

4 eggs



Meringue and cocoa nibs

100g glucose

50g egg white 

20g cocoa nibs


Cacao sand

110g butter

1 orange zest

56g demerara sugar

8 egg yolks

110g flour

6g corn starch 


Light chocolate mousse

120g yolks

37g sugar

140g manjari chocolate

90g egg white 

225g whipped cream


Hazelnut croquant

200g hazelnut powder

200g butter

200g demerara

10g fleur de sel

150g flour


Chocolate cremeux

400g whipping cream

96g egg yolk

60g sugar

70g manjari chocolate

10g coeur de guanaja chocolate



Ginger ice cream

Heat the milk with the whipping cream until it reaches 45°C, add all the dry ingredients and bring to boil. Cool down and add the mascarpone and then the ginger juice.


Hazelnut and Baileys sponge

Blend everything in the thermomix and put in the syphon charged with 2 gas bottles, spread in a plastic cup and cook in the microwave for 1 minute.


Meringue and cocoa nibs

Make a French meringue pipe in a tray with baking paper, stick some cocoa nibs on top and cook at 80°C in the oven.


Cacao sand

Mix all the ingredients together until smooth. Roll up and bake in the oven at 150°C.


Light chocolate mousse

Whip the egg yolks with part of the sugar, in order to get a sabayon-like result. Using the rest of the sugar and the egg white make a meringue francaise.

Add the melted chocolate to the sabayon and mix with the French meringue. Finish by adding the whipped cream slowly with the maryse.


Hazelnut croquant

Mix all ingredients together until smooth. Roll up, cut into squares and cook in the oven.


Chocolate cremeux

Cook all the ingredients together in a pan until they reach 83°C and mix with the chocolate. Cool down and keep in the fridge for 12hr before to use. 


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