What is National Waiter's Day's aim?

National Waiters Day aims to change the perception of Front of House and service as an unskilled job working long hours to one that offers good skills, leading to a rewarding career with good progression routes and amazing rewards.

The day is designed to raise the profile of ‘the world of waiting’ by engaging inspired people from hospitality businesses all  over the UK in activities which showcase that it is a great profession  offering good career opportunities. National Waiters Day is a high profile celebration of the excellence, dedication, hard work discipline and pride of everyone working in the Hospitality industry in the UK.

The day demonstrates the values of the profession with a range of activities and events across the UK – from job shadowing, skills challenges, educational activities.


How and why was National Waiter's Day launched?

National Waiters Day was the brainchild of Fred Sirieix, General Manager – Galvin at Windows, Hilton, Park Lane. The Springboard Charity are responsible for managing and co-ordinating key note activities.

The key sponsors involved with National waiters Day are Bunzl Catering Services, BaxterStorey, Zenith Hygiene, and ISS.

It will be a day of celebration of the excellence, dedication, hard work and discipline of all 2.5 million working in the Hospitality industry in the UK - whether a waiter in a fine dining restaurant, a mixologist in a cocktail bar or a barista  in a coffee bar. National Waiters Day is about inspiring people about careers in hospitality as well as increasing professional status.

The first National Waiters in the UK was 23 June 2013. A Waiter's Race was held at Brunswick Square, London along with a range of activities to promote and showcase the profession, organised by a range of businesses from the hospitality industry in the UK.


How will the day celebrate waiters?

A Waiters Race will be held in Hyde Park in London on Thursday 25th September 2014 at 4pm. Waiters will race holding a tray with a glass and bottle of water on it. It is planned that other races will take place across the UK.

A range of businesses from across the Hospitality industry will be encouraged to host activities from ‘back to the floor’, taster days, and have a go activities. Schools and colleges will be encouraged to get involved to encourage students to consider Front of House and Service as a viable career option with good progression routes and fantastic rewards.


What changes would you like to see for waiters?

The National Waiters Day legacy programme is a key outcome. Through support from our sponsors Bunzl, BaxterStorey, Zenith Hygiene and ISS a legacy programme will be put in place with schools.

The objective is to inspire young people when choosing their career options; to understand the routes post school education and the progression available in a sector that is growing rapidly (660,200 employees needed between now and 2020).

Research was undertaken and it was established that the programme should include topics and activities which will appeal to various teachers delivering careers led, core curriculum - such as English, maths and science; as well as hospitality related subjects as there is no specific front of house curriculum.


To get involved and for all the information about events and activities, or to enter a Waiters Race near you, visit nationalwaitersday.com.