Serves 1



1 Britanny lobster (600 to 700g)


Vegetable jus and ice

2 onions

2 celery sticks

1/4 celery

1/4 fennel bulb

1 carrot


Walnut vinaigrette

60cl walnut oil

5cl sherry vinegar

30cl vegetable jus

Salt and pepper


Green herb salad

2 sprigs chervil

1 sprig flat parsley

1 sprig dill

1 spring tarragon

3 mint leaves

0.5cl lemon vinaigrette

Salt and pepper


Caviar and cucumber

2 generous tbsp house caviar (30g)

Lobster eggs

1 sprig chervil

6g cucumber, brunoise




Collect the eggs, remove the pincers, tail and head, and spear with a brochette along the lobster's length to keep it straight while it cooks.

Steam the pincers and the tail for 7 minutes at 100°C, and allow to cool and rest.

Blanch the lobster eggs, and quickly cool. Shell the eggs and put aside. Then remove the inside of the lobster's head (coral) and put to one side.


Lobster jus

Crush the lobster's head and boil with 60cl of mineral water and olive oil for approximately an hour. Pass through a chinois and reduce until you have 12cl.


Vegetable jus

Chop the vegetables and heat to sweat. Add 1l lobster jus and 4l mineral water. Cook and reduce for approximately 4 hours.


Walnut vinaigrette

Mix all the ingredients - apart from 2 tbsp of walnut vinaigrette - together.


Green herb salad

Mix all ingredients together


Caviar and cucumber

Mix all the ingredients - apart from the lobster eggs- together.

Mix the lobster eggs with 6cl lobster jus. Heat on a low flame until the eggs - or coral - thickens and becomes a beautiful red colour. Chill immediately.

Combine the coral and the walnut vinaigrette and season to taste.


To serve

Fry the pincers quickly in olive oil and salt. Cut the tail into 9 thin medallions. Take the remaining 6cl of lobster jus and reduce. Add 2 tbsp of walnut vinaigrette and pour onto the medallions.

Place the coral sauce on the plate, covered with 9 medallions and the pincers and green salad at the top. Make a quinelle of caviar between the two rows of medallions and scatter with lobster eggs and 4 sprigs of chopped chives.


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