Sporty, dynamic and inspired by the world’s most coveted cars, the latest edition to the Garia collection, the Garia Monaco 2+2, challenges all current golf cart conventions. With a drive train built by an Italian company that also produces Ducati gearboxes, aluminium profiles made by the same company that supplies aluminium profiles to Aston Martin, Jaguar and Volvo, luxury features also include a built-in refrigerator from the manufacturer of refrigerators to Rolls-Royce and Bentley, hand-stitched seats and a supercar-inspired steering wheel—this is the top marque of golf buggies.

From €18,799 |



Peeping Toms stand down. This is one for nature lovers who want a better focus on their prey, so to speak! This ultra cool camera brand has expanded their range this year to include this colourful range of binoculars, available in six leather trim options, which are compact and resilient to use in extreme conditions.

£700 |



Carl Zeiss’ new Cinemizer OLED virtual reality video glasses combine 3D cinema with brilliant image quality and outstanding stereo sound. While offering users a movie-theatre atmosphere, created by the 40” image projected in the glasses, the high-contrast OLED display is lightweight, ensuring optimal comfort and wearability and can easily be adjusted in size to suit the user’s individual visual needs.

£579.99 |



The height of speaker sophistication, this tall freestanding Dynaudio speaker might set you back a bit, but boy, it’s worth it. Arriving in rosewood ‘real-wood’ veneer, it’s also available in a satin black lacquer, satin white lacquer and walnut ‘real-wood’ veneer.

£2,850 |



Black is most certainly back with this stylish Sennheiser headphone set. MOMENTUM Black delivers a perfect fusion of style and substance; urban design, that does not compromise on sound. Offering a clear sound with excellent detail, such as the circumaural ear cups that insulate the listener from noisy urban environments, and an optional cable with a smart remote and microphone for taking and receiving calls and controlling the music on Apple devices.

£260 |


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