Fish is one of my favorite things to cook. I like a clean filet and the fragile, delicate texture of fish. I learnt to prepare and cook fish at the Hotel Meurice under Chef Marc Marchand. I like it when the skin is crispy and the fish is pink in the middle, never over cooked. There isn’t a formula. I think practice develops instinct.

I drink coffee a lot..espresso at the end of meals; mostly black Americanos from freshly ground, vacuum packed coffee, or individual capsules are fine. Always medium roast. Taking a break to drink a cup of coffee during work allows me the time to think about the dishes I want to cook and to dream up new recipes.

Apples hold so many memories for me. In the garden of my parent’s home in Vendome there is one particular apple tree which bears amazing fruits every year. In Vendome, it is man’s work to make cidre in the traditional way by hand, which my grandfather and father have always done for their family. I love strong, well-matured Bretagne Cidre as well. I often revisit recipes with apples. It is interesting that each variety has such a different texture once cooked. That’s why choosing right variety is important especially when making dessert. I remember when I had just started cooking at school the first task was to make an apple tart, and it wasn’t beautiful at all.

Seasoning is important in all dishes to enhance the flavours. Each type of salt has a different level of saltiness. That’s why I try to always use same salt and once I change it I must taste it each time until I feel confident in my seasoning, and feel that it is right. A final touch of Fleur de Sel and black pepper "du moulin" (from the mill)  is a must-have to finish almost every dish.


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