Following the great success of the Krug Kreperie last Christmas, Krug has collaborated with Beast, from the creators of Burger and Lobster, to serve exceptional King Crab from Norway and create the ultimate, luxury, seafood experience. Krug & Krustacean will open on the South Bank from 3rd to 7th September 2014. The Krug wooden dining pods will be situated just on the River Bank and will be designed this year to offer guests a luxury and authentic Scandinavian moment.

In this opulent, maritime setting guests will experience diligently prepared fresh Giant crab paired with Krug Grande Cuvée. The House of Krug likes to pair its Champagnes with the best raw products and identifies with producers, like the ones Beast work with; people who share the same passion for quality and attention to detail. There is also a shared voluntee of Krug & Beast to tell the story behind their products: Krug has introduced a Krug ID on the back label of every bottle that leaves their cellars and the crab producer of Beast is working on a similar project to share al l the informat ions he has about the crab which is being served.

The lightness and elegance of King Crab meat and its salted aromas from the sea are a beautiful echo to Krug Grande Cuvée.


Price | £40 pp, including a Krug Grande Cuvée & a giant crab claw or crab club sandwich (tickets available from 17 July online)

South Bank, London