Describe Como Lake Resort…

"Como Lake Resort offers a luxurious, charming, exclusive and elegant experience with a unique lifestyle."


What are the highlights of Como?

"Como is of course firstly renown for the beauty of its lake: along the shores, the classical villas give to the territory its main charm. It’s considered a cultural city because besides the amazing private villas usually owned by famous people, there are many others that the tourists have the possibility to visit together with their astonishing gardens, for example Villa Carlotta which is probably the most popular.

The position also gives many advantages to attract tourists; indeed Como offers several other locations close by that can easily be reached in less than two hours, such as ski resorts like St.Moritz, Milan for its historic and fashion appeal, Lugano, golf courses and international airports.

Moreover the presence of luxurious hotels such as Villa D’Este and Casta Diva Resort, together with traditional and charming places like Bellagio or Cernobbio, creates magical atmospheres.

It is mainly the lake and the breath-taking panoramas that combined with walled city and the surrounded villages that make Como such an extraordinary place."


What kind of stay do you envisage for the owners of properties at Como Lake Resort?

"We imagine that they have a charming and relaxing experience given the comfort and the luxury of the project.

The Resort consists of two different blocks of flats that all have the wonderful views, excellent exposure to the sun, natural light, and privacy given that they're hidden from the street and directly by the lake.

The adjacent private beach, the swimming pool and the 3 floored covered car park also give an added value to the properties; but probably one of the most interesting things that would fascinate the owners is the private boathouse located beneath the building, with its comfortable and innovative system of storage that consists of a series of elevators that allows the dry storage of your boat. If the residents prefer they have the possibility to call a taxi boat, which will pick you up directly from the courtesy dock, to go and enjoy the panorama.

The careful selection of shapes, architecture, technology and materials make the resort unique and the stay for the owners characterised by a pleasant and charming atmosphere."


Describe the perfect day at Como…

"The perfect day in Como would obviously start by waking up in a room with an amazing view onto the lake.

On a beautiful sunny day it would be wonderful to take a boat from the resort to the city of Como and its Duomo, and to continue walking to Cernobbio, passing through the amazing Villa Olmo, which offers many exhibitions during the summertime together with its traditional architecture. Cernobbio - a chic and elegant centre - can be a perfect spot for breakfast and a morning shop in the elegant shops. There are traditional cafes, bars and restaurants for exquisite breakfasts and a mid-morning coffee, such as Harris Bar.

One of the best attractions of Como is indeed its lake that attracts many celebrities and tourists; you therefore can’t miss a magical trip on a private lake boat to explore the beauties that the lake offers. With the boat leaving directly from Cernobbio or any other pier it's possible to go for a dip on a warm day in a quiet corner of the lake and then moor in to one of the charming restaurants, such as ‘La Veranda’ of Villa d’Este, part of the worldwide famous 5 star hotel.

After having tasted the Italian food the more sporty can enjoy practicing some wakeboard or water skiing directly organised from the hotel of Villa d’Este. Then the trip on the lake can carry on with a tour of the most amazing villas on both shores: for examples Villa Melzi, Villa Oleandri, Villa Balbianello and Villa Grumello.

If you are curious to see the landscape from a different perspective, Como also offers the possibility to book a trip on a seaplane.

While going back to your hotel a stop at the famous Villa Carlotta with its breath-taking gardens and architecture can’t be missed.

The Italian ‘aperitivo’ is a must, especially accompanied by a sunset from the shores of the lake at, for example the amazing Casta Diva Resort.

One of the best places for dinner to enjoy a unique atmosphere is at Isola Comacina: with its boat service you will be driven to the magic island on the lake where the only restaurant on the island will offer traditional dishes together with a fire show while the waiters will tell legends about the lake.

If you are lucky you will be also able to see some fireworks from the villas hosting parties or ceremonies.

To finish such an amazing day, head off to the other side of the lake, in Bellagio, where the night is animated by bars and a new club, maybe just for a drink or for the entire night."


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