Mon fraisier


Genoise sponge

4 eggs

120g sugar

120g flour

20g butter

2g salt



100g sugar

350g milk

130g egg yolks

20g corn stach

125g butter

1 vanilla

12g kirsch 


Berries compotée

120g raspberries puree

150g strawberry puree

20g trimoline

70g sugar

4g pectine

12g lemon jus 

200g fresh berries brunoise


Strawberries and raspberries sorbet

300g strawberries puree

100g raspberries puree 

100g fresh blueberries

30g sugar

50g dextrose

10g lemon jus

10g wild strawberries alcohol



Genoise sponge

Whisk the eggs with the sugar in a bain marie until it reaches 50ºC. Continue whisking until it has cooled down, add the flour, the melted butter and bake.



Start making a pastry cream, cool it down, add the kirsch and mix it little by little with the emulsioned butter.


Berries compotée

Bring all the puree to boil with the vanilla and the trimoline, and add the sugar and the pectine. Leave it to cool down, then add the lemon jus and the fresh berry brunoise.


Strawberries and raspberries sorbet

Heat the fruit purees, add the sugar and then the dextrose. Cool and add the lemon jus and the alcohol.


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