Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux Thomas Kellermann was born into a restaurateur family, so has a deep rooted love of cooking. He adopts a product-based cuisine that allows him to develop fish, meat and vegetables combined with spices and herbs - the creative elements - into completely unique creations.

After completing his training he spent his apprentice years with Lothar Eiermann at the Wald und Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe and at the Restaurant Tantris with Hans Haas. After several years as an Executive Chef at Sylt and in Berlin, where he last worked at the Restaurant Vitrum/The Ritz-Carlton, and then at the Oberpfalz. When Burg Wernberg was looking for a new Executive Chef, he lept at the role. Besides, the considerable attraction of taking over the management of the renowned restaurant, he felt ready for the challenge of up-keeping such a prestigious restaurant outside of the city.


Three Questions with Thomas

What was your most moving culinary experience? 

There are some culinary experiences which were very emotional for me. For instance the first time that I cooked for my wife or the first carrot-potato mash I made for my son Valentin. Another unforgettable experience for me was a dinner with my wife at Pierre Gagnaire’s.


The most amusing kitchen incident you ever witnessed?

One day out of the blue the Germany comedy star Tom Gerhardt suddenly appeared in my kitchen. And you can imagine that it was a very amusing experience!


Your best piece of advice for amateur chefs? 

Less is more! Pick dishes that you can prepare in advance, for instance slow-simmering dishes that allow you to spend the evening with your guests.


  • 2 Michelin stars



Hotel Burg Wernberg

Schlossberg 10 

92533 Wernberg 

+49 9604 9390