As a child, in Nyons, Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux, Pierre Basso-Moro was only interested in sports and food, and decided to focus on the latter. He is now at the helm of Michelin star restaurant at Le Château de Germigney. Vital to Chef Basso-Moro is top-quality product, seasoning and roasting, aiming for light cuisine, mild in flavour and where pleasure is king.

Gaining experience between the south of France in the Chanteclerc du Negresco as assistant to the Dominique Le Stanc and the three-star Strasbourg establishment Westermann, the famous Buerehiesel, Pierre has practised his craft in no fewer than 8 Michelin-star restaurants. His main influences include Chef Le Stanc, who was, in a manner of speaking, his gourmet father, at Le Négresco in Nice who taught Chef Basso-Moro to put the ingredients first. At the age of 27 he became a chef on the advice of Dominique Le Stanc.


Three Questions with Pierre

What was your most moving culinary experience? 

My most exciting gourmet moment was a meal at the Chinese restaurant of the Raffles hotel in Singapore. Magnificent with flavours I had never tasted until that moment! 


The most amusing kitchen incident you ever witnessed? 

When a wild boar, being hunted, made its way into the Château de Germigney during a lunch and did the rounds of the dining room in the place of the chef … 


Your best piece of advice for amateur chefs? 

Have a friend who can cook … No, I’m only joking, choose good ingredients and treat them simply.


  • Michelin star


Le Château de Germigney

Rue Edgar Faure

39600 Port-Lesney


+33 (0)3 84 73 85 85