D.O.M, São Paulo

Alex Atala

Crowned #7 in the list of The World's Best Restaurants, and #4 in Latin America's Best restaurants, D.O.M - standing for Deo Optimus Maximus, God is Greatest and Best - is the pioneering brain child of acclaimed chef Alex Atala. Using indigenous and exotic produce sourced in the Amazon forest, Chef Atala's cuisine was the first of its kind in the South American fine dining scene. Today, the restaurant specialises in authentic Brazilian cuisine, with dishes like ambaqui ribs with tripe and sausage surrounded by vivid green broad beans, or prawns with mangarito, accompanied by a deep mauve yam, gracing the menu. “Brazilian gastronomy is a feasible dream”, Alex once said. His dream has come true... 



Mani, São Paulo

Helena Rizzo and Daniel Redondo

Where traditional Brazilian cuisine meets contemporary European gastronomy, Mani stands at #5 in Latin America's Best Restaurants. Located in one of São Paulo’s most sophisticated suburbs, Jardim Paulistano, Mani's husband-and-wife team - Helena Rizzo and Daniel Redondo - take their influences from Brazil, Spain and Italy, where both gained experience to create a wonderfully varied and organic menu. With presentation excelling, and Chef Rizzo's brilliant reputation, Mani is a restaurant you really cannot miss.



Epice, São Paulo

Alberto Landgraf

Alberto Landgraf is one of the young leading chefs in Brazil, heading up his restaurant Epice, nominated #41 in Latin America's Best Restaurants. His naturalist Brazilian cooking focuses on sourcing the best ingredients through fair trade and doing the most to enhance its natural flavours through modern and traditional techniques. Also located in Jardim Paulistano, Epice is eponymous with the Brazilian fine-dining movement. Hiring only junior chefs, the kitchen is a dynamic hub, where textures and temperatures are explored and imagination and individuality is celebrated. 



Mocoto, São Paulo

Rodrigo Oliveira

Having turned his family-owned local restaurant into Latin America's #16 Best Restaurant, chef Oliveira focuses on reinventing traditional north-eastern Brazilian dishes, using modern techniques and passion. Mocotó represents the bridge between old and new, bringing together traditional Brazilian cuisine with rich flavours and simple, unique ingredients, and contemporary concepts. He uses cheap cuts of meat and once forgotten vegetables to highlight the luxury of simplicity.



Remanso do Bosque, Belém

Thiago and  Felipe Castanho

Located in a unique region of Brazil, apart from the country's busy cities, Remando do Bosque has gained a strong following for its combination of regional cuisine and contemporary conceptualisation. Translated as ‘quiet place in the woods’, the restaurant is headed up by the Castanho brothers who uses local produce and modern techniques to create his menu, with dishes like Amazonian chargrill fish, moqueca stew, savoury cassava crumble ‘farofa’ and wild duck with tucupi. The brothers regularly invite Brazilian and international chefs to collaborate on tasting menus.



Roberta Sudbrack, Rio de Janeiro

Roberta Sudbrack

Located near the botanical gardens in Rio’s sophisticated Zona Sul area, Roberta Sudbrack is one of the city's favourite restaurants. Chef Sudbrack spent seven years working in Brazil’s presidential palace's kitchen, priding herself of simple, delicious cuisine. Her cuisine is reflected in the no-fuss decor, which lends itself on being the fashionista hangout. Dishes like house-smoked okra ‘caviar’ paired with lightly cooked shrimps and dourado fish with tart green corn compote have gained the restaurant international and national acclaim, being nominated #10 in Latin America's Best Restaurants.



Fasano, São Paulo

Luca Gozzani

Hailed as one of Brazil's best Italian restaurants, it's no wonder considering the restaurant and adjourning luxury hotel have been standing for around 100 years. Nominated the #23 Best Restaurant in Latin America, the kitchen is currently overseen by Luca Gozzani. The menu focuses on Italy’s regional cuisine and the Fasanos’ own family favourites, while combining the traditional flavours with contemporary techniques, and local produce. 



Attimo, São Paulo

Jefferson Rueda

Brazilian Italian fusion cuisine at its finest, Attimo kitchen is headed up by Jefferson Rueda. Located in the luxurious Vila Nova Conceição area, Attimo combines traditional dishes from both countries with Brazilian ingredients and culinary concepts. Chef Rueda is hailed for his innovative dishes, such as tamal, stuffed with Italian pork sausage and foamed taleggio cheese, or a gnocchi dish made with sweet potato and crisp pig’s ears.



Olympe, Rio de Janeiro

Thomas and Claude Troisgros

Located in Rio's Jardim Botanico neighbourhood, Olympe is the brainchild of French chef Claude Troisgros. Demonstrating the Troisgros' traditional French culinary heritage, the menu illustrious throughout the country for its French Brazilian fusion cuisine. The restaurant opened in 2003, and has captured the city's imagination and gastronomic enthusiasm. 




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