Not sure about you, but our usual morning coffee isn't quite cutting it any more - we want luxury! And luxury we will have, with Kopi Luwak Ruby and Kopi Luwak Diamond, the world’s rarest and most expensive coffee. Known as ‘black gold’ amongst the coffee elite, KL Ruby and Diamond are available by invitation only.

But why is Kopu Luwak so expensive? Otherwise known as ‘civet coffee’, the coffee beans are eaten and digested by the Asian palm civet, reducing acidity and improving finish. On a small plantation in the Gayo region in Sumatra, Indonesia, the beans are hand collected after having been processed by wild civet cats and, combining traditional and contemporary methods, the coffee is finally packaged for those lucky enought to buy it. The coffee has been deemed the world’s highest grading standard for Grade A beans for its triple sorted beans, a standard not seen anywhere else in the world.

Availability for the KL Ruby is limited to less than 1,000 kilogram lots annually for private sale. The KL Diamond ‘Peaberry’ variety is limited to only 100 kilogram lots annually, only 5% of coffee beans produced worldwide are of the Peaberry variety, making it the rarest in the world. Both beans can be mild or dark roasted according to preference and are sold only as whole beans. The inner case ensures a vacuum-sealed environment for optimum freshness and it is recommended that the customer receives 250g of coffeeinitially, and the remaining 750g over three quarters in order for the coffee to be enjoyed at its peak.

Founders, Richard Hardwick and Neil Reilly share over 20 years of experience in the High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth market, with expertise in the diamonds, gems, watches and luxury travel industry. Together with Ade Makmursyah as their coffee director and top KL expert, they set about locating some of the original Kopi Luwak plantations in Sumatrato gain a deeper understanding of the incredible, natural processes of gathering these coveted, wild Arabica beans.

With a close personal connection to the area, the founders are committed to supporting the coffee producers of the Gayo region by paying top wages and providing health insurance for both the workers and their families. A substantial percentage of the profits are donated back to the Indonesian people each year. Education is a priority in this part of the world and they are working to have annual educational bursaries available as of 2014 and new schools built in the Gayo region by 2015.

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