Fraternity Spirits, Corralejo Tequila

Founded in 1775, Hacienda Corralejo was the first estate in Mexico to produce tequila commercially, and for nearly 250 years their methods have remained the same. 100% Agave, copper-pot stills, aged in French Limousin oak. Layers of complex flavors satisfy even the most discerning tequila connoisseur.

The Master distillers at Fraternity Spirits select the precise time to end the distillation and move the tequila to "rest" in French Limousin oak barrels - the same barrels renowned for developing the world's finest wines and Cognacs. The result is a harmonious tequila with exceptional strength, balance and an ultra-smooth finish. This fine tequila is then poured into a unique hand-blown glass bottle and hand-signed by each Master distiller.


Corralejo Tequila Blanco | Blanco is a new tequila taken straight from the still. Made entirely from carefully selected agaves, many purists and tequila aficionados claim that Blanco Tequila is the best. It's true, there is no barrel ageing to soften or disguise the rich, powerful Agave flavor.

Corralejo Tequila Reposado | The most popular tequila has been awarded three Gold Medals in international competition in the past five years! Under Mexican law, Reposado ("reposed") tequila has to age in wood barrels for a minimum of two months. 

Corralejo Tequila Triple Distilled | All fine tequilas are produced by using a double distillation method. In the year 2000, Fraternity Spirits introduced a new type : Triple Distilled, and gradually offered it to discerning consumers in the Mexican market. Sales have been no less then phenomenal! The unique Corralejo "Triple" is distilled first through a copper pot still, then a column still method and finally through the copper pot one more time. Simply put, Triple Distilled is superb tequila!

Corralejo Tequila Añejo | Añejo means aged. The minimum ageing period for this highly distinctive tequila is one year. Using only French Oak barrels to produce the softest Añejo tequila possible, it is offered in its distinctive red bottle Corralejo Añejo is the finest example of the tequila distiller's art and skills.


The Art of Tequila Tasting

The experience of tasting is a synthesis of the ancient process of tequila elaboration, where the taster sharpens his five senses to perceive all the characteristic that distinguishes the flavor of Corralejo and its history. See the colour of Corralejo, depicting the blue colour of the agave fields, the sky, the sea, the one of our dreams, the blue that distinguishes the birth of a man in a family, the Corralejo family. When you open a bottle of Corralejo you experience the sound stimulating the hearing sense, although is the sound of the toast with our friends that entails the joy of this special moment, to share life, friendship,  love and Tequila Corralejo. Corralejo is a Tequila that must be tasted without mixing it to preserve its quality and enjoy its authentic smooth flavor, strong personality and great body, only compared with a beautiful woman. In the glass you can enjoy its scent of wood due to its time in barrels, as well as all the range of tones, from vanilla and cinnamon to the smooth aroma of cooked agave, a delight to the demanding paladar. Experience the touch of the bottle Corralejo between your hands: a trophy, a triumph, joy and celebration. 


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Agave fields © Flickr, Ana Carrington

Tequila shot © Flickr, Lyndsey Turner