The Michelin guide inspectors are currently in Brazil where they are exploring the fine dining scene in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to give you a selection of the best restaurants and hotels by March 2015.

The 25th edition in the international collection of Michelin guides, this Brazil guide will give readers the low-down on the country's subtle, diverse gastronomy, rooted in a rich culinary heritage based on a wide range of local products that are held very dear to the nation's hearts.

“We are especially delighted to launch this new edition, which is unmatched in the history of the Michelin guide,” said Michael Ellis, International Director, Michelin guides. “The Brazilian gourmet dining scene has been developing steadily in recent years, led by particularly creative chefs. The country has also become a very attractive destination for foreign chefs who are curious to discover products, traditions and cooking styles unlike any other in the world. Spearheading this development, the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo today rank among the world’s leading fine dining centers. Both share a creativity, curiosity and cultural openness that constantly nurture one of the world’s most dynamic gourmet dining scenes. What’s more, the two cities have become ‘must’ visits in the international culinary landscape. We are eager to prepare the selection so that readers of the Michelin guide can learn more about fine dining in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.”

Always on the lookout for new addresses and unique dining experiences, it seems as though Michelin guide inspectors are now reaching out to the restaurants and cuisines of the world. Dining as regular customers, the inspectors evaluate each dish according to five criteria: product quality, the chef's personality as revealed through his or her cuisine, preparation and flavors, value for money, and consistency over time and across the entire menu.

As the first guide to cover South America, the Michelin guide Rio and Sao Paulo aims to assist travellers who are after culinary joy. So who do we expect to see on that list? Well there will certainly be Alex Atala, King of the country's fine dining scene, whose restaurant D.O.M is #7 in the World's 50 Best Restaurants. We also expect to see Helena Rizzo, voted Veuve Cliquot's Best Female Chef in the World, who combines traditional Brazilian cuisine at restaurant Mani - #36 in the World's 50 Best Restaurants - with highlights from her world travels. But who else, apart from these two leaders? Perhaps Alberto Landgraf, perhaps Rodrigo Oliveira; maybe Thiago Castanho. The list, really could be endless...



Rio steps © flickr