Zurich Limo

Mixologist René Kenner from Le Muh Bar at the Swissôtel Zurich invented this wonderful cocktails with Studer gin...



4cl Studer Swiss Classic Gin

2cl Martini Bianco

1 twig peppermint

15cl Tonic Water



Swirl together with some sunshine and you're set to go.



In the heart of Switzerland, sheltered by rolling hills and surrounded by deep forests, the Studer has been producing the finest liqueurs and noble distillates since 1883. Ivano und Käthi Friedli-Studer are already the fourth generation to run the Studer Distillery. They're always happy to open the doors to their estate, Château Freiheim, to a good spirit making its way through the unspoilt landscape. For one thing, they are guided by the traditional values which their forefathers created and nurtured. Studer distillates are carefully distilled following the traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation - quality is the top priority. This awareness of tradition and quality is enriched with a wealth of ideas and an innovative spirit. So even the product and packaging designs are created in-house. And the contents, winners of multiple gold medals, are just as good as the way in which the Studer distillates are presented.

As a homage to zeitgeist we have created Studer Swiss Classic Vodka for you. Produced from cereals and the purest Alpine water from our own springs, distilled by true craftsmen. Studer Swiss Classic Vodka promises you a unique pleasure for your eyes and palate.

Studer Swiss Classic Gin is the perfect result of well-crafted recipes and the highest quality distillation methods. Distilled from junipers, lemongrass, angelica, cubeb pepper, lavender flowers, coriander, ginger and with a few other, secret ingredients.  Produced according to a special distilling process using the purest Alpine water from our own spring, it is enjoyed by gin connoisseurs worldwide.



Cocktail ©​ Jthetzel, flickr