Arnaud Bignon

What’s the most scientific piece of equipment in your kitchen?

I don't have any crazy machines that I am using at the moment…. just one dehydrator which I use a lot for the soft vegetable meringues, and to dry a lot of things. (1)


Are you passionate about liquid nitrogen?

We are always forming fresh and inspiring ideas, not only with ingredient combinations but with techniques and technologies. I find the use of liquid nitrogen very interesting, especially when used in desserts and small canapés. I am yet to use it at The Greenhouse but it is something I am currently contemplating, so watch this space! (2)


Could you describe your cooking style for us?

My style of cooking focuses on 3 factors, the quality of the products (this is the most important for me), the originality of the taste - I constantly strive to find an unusual flavour combinations - and lastly the plating – I love playing with colour, relief and texture here. (1, because 'originility' is key)


What’s your favourite meal to make at home?

At home I enjoy cooking with my children so we tend to make simple dishes like homemade pizza – this way they can add their favourite toppings.  Fregola Sarda is also a favourite with whatever vegetables, meat and fish are in season. (0)


Thomas Bühner

What’s the most scientific piece of equipment in your kitchen?

A rotary evaporator. (1)


Are you passionate about liquid nitrogen

No. We do have it in the kitchen but I could easily live without it. (0)


Could you describe your cooking style for us?

My three-dimensional aromatic cuisine initially captivates by each individual product’s natural flavor. After all, I am convinced there is no more authentic and intense flavor than the original, pure flavour of a product.

The second dimension describes how I prepare my dishes, as my cuisine is dominated by my penchant for low-temperature cooking. My motto is “take your foot off the gas”, and by this I am not only referring to the time taken to prepare a dish but, in particular, to the temperature at which it is cooked.

The third dimension represents the extensive range of my cuisine: rather than viewing my set menus as a collection of disparate courses, I liken them to a symphony. Sometimes the violin can be heard, at other times it is the oboe – but strong emotions are only ever aroused when the whole orchestra comes together. I personally love these supposed opposites, and hopefully know how to skilfully compose them when assembling my set menus: purist dishes are juxtaposed with playfully arranged plates, creating a sensuous dramaturgy. (2 - what a extravanganza of avant-garde-isms!)


What’s your favourite meal to make at home?

Anything someone cooks with love for me. (0)


And The Winner Is...

Arnaud Bignon - 4 | Thomas Bühner – 3

What a battle! Arnaud only just comes out the winner, with his love of liquid nitrogen, although Thomas didn't let him go without a culinary fight.