Bited-Sized Questions

What has been your most memorable dining experience?

Root in New Orleans.  Fun, inventive, relaxed and completely delicious.


In the name of food research, is there anything you would never try?

As long as it is legal nope!


What’s your favourite comfort food?

New York Style Pizza, specifically Joe's Pizza


If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sandwiches, I am addicted to them


After a long week, what’s your tipple of choice?

A Manhattan, rocks, with a luxardo cherry


What are the three finer things in life that you secretly indulge in?

High end whiskey, especially American Rye.  Buying records on Vinyl and listening to them through super expensive headphones.  Expensive socks!


Describe yourself in three foodie words…

I don't think I even know any foodie words!