Who Said That?...

Atul Kochhar | ‘When I began to cook, the first thing I realised was that the blending of spices is a real art.’

Nathan Outlaw | ‘If I was on a desert island I’d take a cooks' knife, my i-pod charged and loaded with lots of different music and a photo of my family (including Bud, the dog).’

Mikael Jonsson | ‘There’s no Nordic cuisine revolution.’

Michael Wignall | ‘Everything around me inspires me. Architecture, art, the obvious...food, travel, reading and I think most importantly trying other people’s food. My team in the kitchen really inspire me. I like to get my whole team, from commis upwards involved in creating new dishes, experimenting, tasting etc. I love getting all of their feedback and ideas and running with those. We all feed off each other.’


The Black Series

Shot by René Riis, the UK Edition features ormer shells, or abalone, reflecting one of the editions main pieces ‘The Jewel of Jersey’, which focuses on the Channel Island’s ormers. Read all about the Black Series here.


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