Bite Sized Questions

What has been your most memorable dining experience?

Wow, this is a tough question, because since I started as a food writer in 2008 I've been so lucky with the incredible dining experiences I've had. Up there has to be sharing whelks with Pierre Koffmann in a fish restaurant by Rungis market; and eating oysters fresh from their beds on an island off the coast of Denmark - having waded for five kilometers up to my shoulders in the freezing sea. Also slurping opium tea from a tribal Prince's hand in the Rajasthan dessert; and eating mealworms, crickets and bee larvae in the name of research.


Is there anything you would never try?

See above - clearly not! 


What’s your favourite comfort food?

Toast and Marmite.


If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That's a horrible prospect. It would have to be a cracking roast dinner or a really great curry, because there are so many elements to both of those two meals making them harder to get bored with.  


After a long week, what’s your tipple of choice?

Aperol spritz.


What are your three finer things in life that you secretly indulge in?

Nice wine (though I make no secret of that), black cabs and Mimi Holliday underwear.


Describe yourself in three foodie words…

Hungry, adventurous and greedy!