40g butter

200g almond

60g flour

6 eggs

170g icing sugar

20g inverted sugar

180g egg whites

30g caster sugar


Coffee syrup

80g Espresso coffee

10g simple syrup (half water, half sugar)


Coffee mousseline

60g milk

1 egg

6 egg yolks

120g sugar

50g flour

30g custard powder

40g Nescafe

300g butter


Chocolate ganache

450g cream

75g inverted sugar

250g dark chocolate


Chocolate glaze 

180g sugar

60g cocoa powder

145g water

8g gelatine

110g cream




2 trays 40 x 60 cm

First melt down the butter. Do a cold process sabayon by whipping the eggs, icing sugar and inverted sugar in a kitchen aid until fluffy and a pale yellow colour. Then start your meringue - whipping the egg whites and adding the sugar in bit by bit, until the whites are stiff. Add the almond powder to the sabayon, then add the meringue, followed by the flour and the cold melted butter. Spread on the trays (2 of 40 x 60 cm), bake in oven 180°C for 4 minutes to start, then until nice golden colour on top.


Coffee mousseline

First do a pastry cream by warming the milk and tempering over egg and egg yolks, sugar, flour, and custard powder. Return to the heat, bringing it to a boil and cooking for 5 minutes while boiling. After that add the Nescafe and 100g of butter. Allow to cool. When the pastry cream is cold, whip it in kitchen aid and add 200g of tempered butter cut in small pieces. Let it whip until well combined (must be smooth and shiny).


Chocolate ganache

Boil the cream and sugar, and pour over the dark chocolate. Hand blend to allow a smooth and shiny texture.


Chocolate glaze 

Combine the sugar, cocoa powder and water. Mix well, bring to a boil, add the gelatine and pour over the cream.


To serve

At the bottom of the cake place the joconde sponge, slightly soaked with coffee syrup. Pour half of the mousseline on top and leave to set, then pour chocolate ganache, and start again with the joconde sponge, mousseline and chocolate ganache. Let it set and glaze with chocolate glaze. Cut and eat !


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