Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa is the head chef and proprietor of restaurant Narisawa – previously named Les Créations de Narisawa - in Tokyo, Japan. A dedicated environmentalist, Yoshihiro combines classical French techniques with only the freshest Japanese ingredients which, of course, are all in season and sustainable.

In fact, in 2013, restaurant Narisawa was awarded with the Sustainable Restaurant award, an accolade audited by the British-based Sustainable Restaurant Association at the influential World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards, for its dedication to responsible cooking and traditional Japanese produce, which chef Yoshihiro selects from specialist suppliers with stalwart care.

Among the many standout dishes served at restaurant Narisawa, one of chef Yoshihiro’s signature dishes is his wagyu beef rump roast, marinated in leek, basted in olive oil and carbonised on the outside. 

  • 2 Michelin stars
  • Sustainable Restaurant Award, World's 50 Best



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Pictures © Yoshihiro Narisawa