Mikael Hansson and Daniel Greve Rasmussen are the chef and sous-chef, respectively, of one of Greenland’s leading gourmet restaurants, the Spisestedet Sarfalik at Hotel Hans Egede in Nuuk. They cook with locally sourced ingredients, preferably coming from Greenland. Their food is unique and nottypical of traditional Greenland dishes.

Both have a major part in promoting Greenland’s produce to the rest of the world and have just made the first Greenlandic cheese for their restaurant this year, made of organic cow’s or sheep’s milk. The difference is the special taste of the cheese’s Greenlandic origin, incorporating spices and berries. The blue cheese made of cow’s milk contains lingonberry and crowberry. The sheep’s milk cheese is flavoured with thyme and parsley from Greenland and then dipped in dried angelica.

  • Chef of the Year 2011/2012 in Greenland (Daniel G. Rasmussen)

Hansson & Rasmussen Restaurant