Serves 15



Xiao long bao stock

1.5kg minced pork

20g ginger, peeled and sliced

20g shallots

20g spring onion

20ml chinese xiaoshing hua tiao chiew

20ml sesame oil 

20ml dark soy sauce 

5g sugar

10g salt


Algin water

12g algin

1000ml distilled water


Xiao long bao spheres

500g xiao long bao stock

15g gluco

4g xantana


Pickled ginger

20 pieces ginger, julienne

20ml chinese red vinegar



Xiao long bao stock

Mix all ingredients in a metal tray and wrap in clingfilm. Steam for 3 hours. Strain, keeping only the liquid. Skim, reduce by ¹⁄³ and pass through muslin.


Algin water

Blend algin and water. Leave to sit overnight.


Xiao long bao spheres

Add 4g xantana and 15g gluco to 500ml stock. Blend well. Carefully submerge 1 tbsp (approx 15ml) of xiao long bao liquid into the algin mixture. Remove xiao long bao spheres after 4 minutes. Rinse in distilled water. Warm in 45°c oil to serve. Remove and rinse in hot water.


Pickled ginger

Pickle julienne of ginger in chinese red vinegar for 3 hours.


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